Anastasia Elena Baranoff

Fine Artist 
Film Producer / Director
Costume Designer

The Magic Flute

Egg Tempera on Paper
18 x 24 inches

The Magic Flute
Copyright © Anastasia Elena Baranoff
Registered in the Library of Congress Copyright Office, USA
All use, reproduction, copying, downloading and distribution of the image of
 the painting is strictly prohibited without the official permission of the artist.

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Inspired by the inventive and captivating opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, I present my original, imaginative/fantasy painting The Magic Flute. Created in the unique and centuries old technique of egg tempera, the painting dives deep into the mystical world of the Queen of the Night, exploring symbols and meaning through artistic narrative, composition and color.       

                                                                                                                                                                                       - Anastasia Elena Baranoff